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In 2017 Healthy Land and Water began the journey of co-design through an Australian Government creek restoration project. Through our State Water by Design Sustainable Urban Water Management capacity building program, we were seeking an opportunity to implement co-design and were intrigued and excited by what we were seeing in the research.  

We always understood the value of a participatory approach and were interested in what benefits this approach could bring to our work in designing and implementing waterway improvement initiatives. 

We also wanted to test and validate this approach for our extensive Community of Practice networks, in the hope we could share findings and build the collective capacity of the sector.

This Co-Design Course is a direct response to the overwhelming success of the initial co-design project. Now we are busy delivering another six co-design waterway improvement projects. Through our capacity building program, Water by Design has received great interest from councils and communities across the state to learn more about the co-design approach.

This course will provide you with the learnings and tools required to implement co-design projects.  

Meet your Co-Design Course facilitator: Rachael Nasplezes